Season Announcement and Auditions


The Sound of Music


A Midsummer Night's Dream


Peter Pan


The Three Musketeers


If you've never auditioned before, don't worry. We're here to help.

New Academy Procedure for First Day

In addition to their own musical and play, Academy Footlighters will also have more intensive workshops and rehearsal expectations. The Academy is the only appropriate place for students in 9th-12th grade. However, younger players may or may not want to try to be a part of the Academy program.

Anyone from grade 5 through grade 8 is eligible to audition for the Academy. Kids interested in the Academy should prepare a 1 minute detailed pantomime of an everyday activity (brushing teeth, making breakfast, gardening, etc) and memorize the following speech:

Take Liesl-Liesl isn't a child anymore. And if you keep treating her as one, Captain, you're going to have a mutiny on your hands. And Friedrich-Friedrich's afraid to be himself-he's shy-he's aloof, Friedrich needs you-he needs your confidence-Brigitta could tell you about him, she could tell you a lot more if you got to know her, because she notices things. And she always tells the truth-especially when you don't want to hear it. Kurt-is sensitive- he's easily hurt-and you ignore him- you brush him aside the way you do all of them. (The CAPTAIN starts to leave.) I haven't finished yet! Louisa-wants to have a good time. You've got to let her have a good time. Marta-I don't know yet-but someone has to find out about her. And little Gretl-just wants to be loved-Oh, please, Captain, love Gretl, love all of them. They need you.

These auditions for younger players interested in the Academy will happen on the morning of the first day. Selections will be based on the auditions and other factors that arise during the audition process. Those students invited to join the Academy will be notified. Students who the directors feel are better suited to the Campers shows will have a chance to audition for them in the afternoon.

General Audition Information

Academy students, those selected and those who automatically qualify, will audition for the productions on the first day of the program. Materials will be provided that day. For the musical, music will be taught the day of the auditions and then we will read scenes from the script as needed. Some may be taught a brief dance combination.

Bring your enthusiasm, creativity and fearlessness with you!

Auditions for the Campers will be less formal than the academy and will be through acting games done in groups throughout the first day. No prior memorization or familiarization with the show material is required. You will be asked to read from a script unless you mark a low reading level on the response sheet.



Waller Hall Main Theater, IUP Performing Arts Center, on the Oak Grove along Oakland Avenue.